November 27, 2021

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The World Live Breaking News Coverage & Updates IN ENGLISH

Man sent Welsh Government ministers death threats and warned he would ‘bathe in your blood’

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, Man sent Welsh Government ministers death threats and warned he would ‘bathe in your blood’, The World Live Breaking News Coverage & Updates IN ENGLISH
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, Man sent Welsh Government ministers death threats and warned he would ‘bathe in your blood’, The World Live Breaking News Coverage & Updates IN ENGLISH

, Man sent Welsh Government ministers death threats and warned he would ‘bathe in your blood’, The World Live Breaking News Coverage & Updates IN ENGLISH

, Man sent Welsh Government ministers death threats and warned he would ‘bathe in your blood’, The World Live Breaking News Coverage & Updates IN ENGLISH

A man sent a series of obscene emails to Welsh politicians in which he told them he hoped they got cancer and threatening them with violence.

Matthew Thomas sent the messages to First Minister Mark Drakeford and economy minister Vaughan Gething to take issue with the Welsh Government’s lockdown measures to combat the Covid pandemic and made threats to kill them and “bathe in their blood”.

He repeatedly referred to them as fascists and Nazis, as well as comparing them to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and demanded they lift lockdown measures while also making homophobic and racial insults.

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Swansea Magistrates’ Court was told Thomas, of Barn Road in Carmarthen, first sent a series of messages to Mr Gething between September and November last year when he was health minister in the Welsh Government.

Prosecutor Lisa Jones said the 43-year-old had sent the messages to public email addresses for each of the politicians which could be easily found online.

The court was told the emails were monitored by office staff who had flagged up the messages to Mr Gething due to their serious nature.

One, sent on November 29, read: “You are no different to Adolph Hitler you vile fascist ****. Your time will come. The Nazis faced their destiny at Nuremberg and so will you Dripford and that vile fat c** sniff **** Boris. You have no right to take mine and others’ civil liberties away. You will pay for this you bit of **** that I promise. I hope you get cancer this Christmas like my mate died who your draconian bullshit rules denied him treatment and he died.

“I hate you for that and if you do not backtrack on your dehumanising rules you will be made an example of. This uprising will come. You can’t squeeze humanity the way you have without repercussions and as I am mailing you now I am keeping a very close eye on you and your paedo Marxist friend Dripford. You will pay for this and I’ll make sure I look at every law to send you two homos to go jail.”

Thomas had earlier sent a series of emails on September 16. The first read: “Please, please resign. You are all fascist Nazis ruining people’s lives. More people die from bicycling accidents than this stupid Covid-19. People are committing suicide daily thanks to your North Korean-style war face. You are destroying lives. People are losing jobs and livelihoods. Stop this muzzle-wearing nonsense, scrap social distancing, or we the public will remove you from office. You are now the more hated in Wales than Thatcher for your Marxist vile disgusting politics. My personal opinion is you should be jailed but I will settle and most of Wales will for your resignation Mr Kim Jong Gething”.

Later that morning he emailed Mr Gething’s office again in which he said: “You better leave Wales. You were not even born here. Take your dirty Marxist politics back to Zambia you piece of human ****. We have had enough of your total utter garbage and we will drive you and your Nazi friends out of Cardiff. You are filth pal and we will come for you. You are gone from this country. **** off to North Korea where you belong.”

His third email of the day read: “Get the **** out of office. Resign before the Welsh people come and get you because they will as you are an a***hole and I hope you get cancer and dies slowly you ******* Nazi.”

His last email of the day read: “Do me a favour and please please die painfully you vile horrid dictator.”

Then, on March 15 this year, he sent the following to the First Minister: “You have to end restrictions or I’ll murder you. Go to the police station you fascist ***** and I’ll kill your mum first you child rapist like your son. You evil dictatorship ***** you will be dead soon and I’ll bathe in your blood you ugly smelly paedophile.”

The court was told Mr Drakeford had been informed of the letter and police were contacted. In a statement read to the court the First Minister said it had forced him to stop cycling to work and take a car instead, due to fears for his safety, while he also had to take extra security measures.

His statement also read: “It was obvious the person sending the emails knew my address and had the potential to access my family. I accept in public life you will sometimes receive abusive emails however it is not something I have ever got used to.”

The court was told Thomas had psychoaffective disorder, likely antisocial disorder, mental and behavioural disorder and social anxiety, and potential undiagnosed autism. He was also said to have stopped taking medication at the time he had been sending his messages and had taken to drinking alcohol following the death of a friend. He also had a “belief system of an anti-vaxxer” and had been battling necrotic pancreatitis.

The court was also told in police interview Thomas had offered his apologies for the emails and said he was “in a very bad place” following the death of a friend and had no access to counselling. He added that he had resorted to alcohol “as a crutch on many occasions” and had relapsed.

With regards to the email sent to Mr Drakeford he has said in police interview he did not remember sending them as he had stopped his medication for mental health and was drinking.

Mitigating, Vince Williams added: “I have the impression that his remorse is genuine.” Thomas had pleaded guilty to sending communications conveying a threatening message and racially-aggravated harassment.

District judge Stephen Harmes noted Thomas had significant mental health problems and while undiagnosed he displays autistic behaviour and has had significant physical problems. He said he did not think the defendant represented a risk to the public and there was a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

He added: “I have to send a signal to people who do these things. They both pass the custody threshold. These are public servants who are voted for in a democratic process and have a duty to protect all of us.

“You lost a friend and relapsed and it appeared you did not really know what you had done. We have lost other politicians in the last 12 months to criminal acts so they had to take these seriously.

“You said they were fascists but they are the opposite. They are implementing government policy for all our good. In the past 12 months you have been dealt with by the NHS and you have been treated with drugs and by science.

“But it should act as a warning to people who commit such messages to email but Mr Thomas has significant menu of personal characteristics and personal problems”.

Thomas was sentenced to a total of 14 weeks in prison suspended for two years. He was also made subject to a restraining order, ordered to pay £85 costs, a £128 victim surcharge, and pay £250 compensation to both Mr Drakeford and Mr Gething.

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