December 7, 2021

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Watch: Raftaar, Surbhi Jyoti on ‘Ghana Kasoota’

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Watch: Raftaar, Surbhi Jyoti on ‘Ghana Kasoota’
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Watch: Raftaar, Surbhi Jyoti on ‘Ghana Kasoota’
Watch: Raftaar, Surbhi Jyoti on ‘Ghana Kasoota’

Raftaar and Surbhi Jyoti open up about their new song that is making all the noise ever since its recent release:
Raftaar, what made you make this song along with Surbhi?

The song was already made; it was a banter between me and my manager, Ankit. So, Ankit said to me that It’s been a while since I made an entertaining pop song, I was like, ‘Well, it’s not that difficult’, and the song was made during that banter. After that, once the video was thought of, everyone’s plan was to make me the hero. And a hero needs a heroine too, that’s when Surbhi came in. I’m so used to working with snakes that I had to get a Naagin.

Surbhi, how was the switch from ‘Naagin’ to this song for you?
Yes, I’ve been doing videos but not with that much of Raftaar. As I said before, I’m very picky and choosy. But actually, when Raftaar’s name popped up, I was like, ‘OMG! I’m his fan, let’s do it,’ but then I thought I should listen to the song once and when I did, I found that it was really a very good song and I immediately said ‘yes’.

Were you comfortable doing those scenes? It doesn’t seem very easy. How was it for you?

For me it was a cakewalk; it was the easiest piece of work I’ve ever done and all credit goes to the team; the people over there were really good. I really had fun. It was like a picnic for us, not that we weren’t serious and were just having fun. We were having fun but we were working as well.

Raftaar the song is already a hit on YouTube. It has garnered one crore views within two days, which is a very big number. How does that make you feel?

Nice, it feels like I’m doing the right job, and it’s rewarding. Just a while before this interview YouTube only shared it. It’s their platform and they’re only sharing it, so it’s a big thing. The vibe is amazing and I’ve been doing it for so long now that the thought that you’ve to achieve it continuously one after the other adds to the pressure. It creates a sense of expansion in me. It makes me feel like I should expand more, I should break my barriers and do something new every time. That’s the newness that makes us run from one project to another.

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You always love to experiment. How does it feel when an experiment goes wrong?

Not bad at all. I think a good story is a collection of a lot of failures than victories. People always remember people more when they lose and then win. It’s always ‘David vs Goliath’, it’s always the Underdog vs the World. So, I never feel like I’m failing, I feel like I’m learning.

Surbhi, are you very selective when it comes to choosing music videos?

I think I’m selective of all of my work. As artistes, we are responsible towards our fans with whatever we are doing. Everything comes with a responsibility and a price, and that’s why I’ve been very selective of whatever I’ve been doing and I will follow that pattern in the future also. I’m in no rush; I’m in a very good space and I really want to do good work, with good people. That’s my focus right now.

You have been also managing your TV career and doing a lot of OTT shows. How do you manage your schedule?

This is what I’m here for and this is what I enjoy the most. I do it with a lot of ease because this is what I want to do; it really makes me happy. I want to do it continuously.

You are always lauded for your work. How does it feel?

Of course, it feels nice. It’s like how you cook for someone like you serve food to your father. It’s almost the same feeling as you’ve done something for your loved ones, and now you’re waiting for the response and when they also love it, it becomes huge, it becomes popular. And that is what happened with this song also. I and Raftaar were talking and I told him,’ More than you, it’s my song now’.

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